Animation – Draw With Me

For the next couple of weeks I want to showcase some animations made by artist and not by major animation studios. I really enjoy watching these animations because it showcases the work and dedication the artist put in order to produce the animation itself.

This particular animation, “Draw With Me”, was one of the first animations I saw on youtube and was created by an artist name Mike Inel. I appreciate the soft colors and simple designs of the characters of this animation. The style represents a cute and innocent vibe but reveals a more darker and eerie narrative.


Art in the subways

Interesting artwork…


The 42nd Times Square shuttle station has the most interesting paint jobs for their trains. This recent on happens to be an advertisement for SONOS, but the artwork itself is very eye catching. There have been numerous paint jobs done to these trains and I’m pretty sure plenty more in the future.

The MTA subway stations provide a lot of artwork through their stations, below you can see a list to find the stations that provide them.



Interesting creature…


Drawing realism has always been hard for me to grasp since my style tends to focus more towards the “anime” style. With a lot of practice I have been getting better. I went with the challenge of drawing an armadillo to further improve my skills and I have to say I’m really happy with the result.

Drawing animals can be harder than drawing people…but it isn’t impossible with a few tips and a lot of practice.